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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Powering Aircraft Systems

From the Bike Shop:   Smart Power:

" .... In addition to optimizing performance, efficiency and reliability in aircraft power systems, “GE Aviation is taking on a greater degree of system integration responsibility,” says Joe Krisciunas, engineering executive, GE Aviation – Electric Power Systems. “As aircraft become increasingly more electric, airframe manufacturers are looking to us to develop the entire electrical system from conception through modeling and simulation, to validation, qualification testing and eventually, certification.”

To build these complete end-to-end electrical power systems, GE Aviation created advanced manufacturing, simulation and physical integration facilities in Dayton, Ohio, and Cheltenham, England. The two virtually linked locations can design and test an entire aircraft electrical power generation and distribution system in the lab before it ever reaches the OEM’s factory floor. ... " 

Very interesting stories, facts, statistics and technologies feeding the aircraft systems of the future.

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