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Friday, February 26, 2016

Pooling Robotic Knowledge. IOT too?

Had heard this being proposed some time ago, it appears to be moving forward.    Consider how this might also be connected to the Internet of Things, if the things involved were appropriately classified.  InTechnology Review: 

" ... In 2014, I started a project called RoboBrain at Cornell University along with PhD students Ashesh Jain and Ozan Sener. We now have collaborators at Stanford and Brown. What we’re working on is a way of sharing information that allows robots to gather whatever knowledge they need for a task (see “Robots That Teach Each Other”). If one robot learns, then the knowledge is propagated to all the robots. RoboBrain achieves this by gathering the knowledge from a variety of sources. The system stores multiple kinds of information, including symbols, natural language, visual or shape features, haptic properties, and motions.  ... " 

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