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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Storeflix for Whole Picture Brand Insight

Late to this, but I note that the Storeflix site has been updated, with some new directions.  Image based in-store analysis.    Less emphasis on compliance.    Some mention of analytics being driven, but no details at the site.  Did a bit of work with them.  I like the idea of connecting easily acquired images to retail intelligence.  See also, their blog. 

" .... created the first real-time visual collaboration technology for CPG companies to optimize retail execution using smart phones and tablets. Kroger is using the StoreFlix technology now to manage retail merchandising conditions. .. " 

" .. You can’t optimize until you opt for the whole picture. ... You’re a long way from all the places .. your brands meet, greet and engage with customers. And yet you’re still responsible for
how you come across to the world. ...  

Getting this kind of scope on your brands has been arduous and time consuming: NOT available in real time and never as robust and responsive as you would like. Or might have ever imagined it could be. .... 

Until now... The storeFlix Solution
This is where we come into the picture – and you get the visual insight and control you deserve. ....   " 

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