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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Terrifying Retail Words

In Gartner Blogs, by Robert Hetu,

" ... What are the most terrifying words in retail? “There is nothing here to buy”.  The speaker of these words was none other than my spouse last night in our local Walmart.  So I was glad to hear comments from Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, that I characterize as getting back to the basics.  In particular adding items to the assortment that are new and exciting, as well as better blending of art and science.

McMillon described the balance between art and science that makes a merchant successful and noted that as the company grew ever larger over the years the science side of the merchandising equation had come to dominate decision-making. “You can manage a category to death,” McMillon said. “We need to be creative and do something people don’t expect by getting after items that will surprise and delight shoppers.” (www.retailingtoday.com) ... "

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