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Saturday, October 17, 2015

PureMatter Marketing

Newly discovered:  PureMatter.

" ... Since PureMatter was founded in 2002, the world has changed. The economy tanked. Technology exploded. Expectations keep increasing. Consumers have never been so connected – and there’s no end in sight. Today, we’re excited to be leading the charge toward humanizing business, being led by Bryan Kramer, the instigator of the #H2H movement. (Kramer's Shareology book

As marketers, we use our smartest thinking to stay ahead of these shifts. Our process helps our clients find the very best energy in their marketing that attracts the right customers, and then keeps them there over time. Energy creates momentum. Extreme heat. And nuclear results.

Our process is simple. We leverage technology, structure and methodology to run our business. Smart thinking to drive our strategy. And curiosity and humor to manifest creativity. It keeps us efficient, focused and disciplined, and keeps clients coming back for more. Simplifying the complex is our specialty.

We’re pattern and trend-spotters. Scientists of life. And purveyors of cracking what makes marketing work today. Our formula’s working, and have picked up numerous local, regional and National awards along the way.  ... "   (See also their blog)  @PureMatter 

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