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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Teradata Listener

Analyzing real time streams of data,  from real systems, or from simulations or prototypes or models, is a useful concept.

Teradata doubles down on IoT with two new tools .... 
" ... The Internet of Things is a big part of what makes big data so big, and on Monday, analytics provider Teradata unleashed two new tools to help make sense of the vast troves of data it produces.

Teradata Listener and Teradata Aster Analytics on Hadoop help users "listen" to massive streams of IoT data in real time and then use analytics to find the distinctive underlying patterns.

Teradata Listener is self-service software for ingesting and distributing individual or multiple data streams from sources including sensors, telematics, mobile events, click streams, social media feeds and IT server logs. ... " 

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