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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Machine Learning Elevator Models

Some of the earliest modeling work we did was with elevator like conveyance systems ....  Where we used data from real elevator operations.  But the results seem never to have been useful enough.  For some interesting reasons that may be be bridged by the IOT.  In FastCompany: 

How Microsoft and ThyssenKrupp's Elevator tech saves office workers years of waiting.  MAX brings elevators into the Internet of Things with hughway-like traffic control.  Your morning commute might just get faster.  .... 

"Machine learning is the real secret sauce," says Turner. "Predictive analytics let us know exceptions. But we no longer want to report exceptions—we want to prevent them." ... 

IoT hasn't reached elevators partially because they've lasted so long. It would be easier to iterate if elevators wore out quickly, but elevators aren’t smartphones. With 50- or 60-year life spans, ThyssenKrupp decided that their MAX technology must be able to retrofit old elevators instead of requiring companies to buy wholly new elevators. And even if they're upgrading elevators they didn't build, retrofitting elevators is still a booming field: There are 20,000 new elevators installed in the U.S. every year. China, meanwhile, is expecting 500,000 new elevators every year, says Schierenbeck.  ... " 

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