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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fung Group Lab for Shopper Behavior

This was mentioned to me in a conversation recently, now the first reports from people who have visited.   Quite a bit of leading edge tech, including 3D printing and VR is also included.   Note especially the work with omnichannel interaction, which we rarely address in lab settings.  For More on related work in China, see the Hualian tag below.

In Retailwire:
" ... The shopping lab is devoted to analyzing omnichannel consumer behavior and is operated by the giant Fung Group (a mega-conglomerate with a strong presence in retailing and operators of Toys "R" Us, Circle K, and Gieves and Hawkes, to name a few, in Asia.), in partnership with IBM (a RetailWire sponsor) and brand activation firm Pico. The "lab" is actually 250,000 square feet of space at Li Fung Plaza, where select members can shop and businesses can observe how consumers interact with new tech, products and environments. There is a plethora of stores and customer behavior is analyzed by beacons and other store-monitoring devices.  ... " 

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