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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This Blog as Knowledge Repository

I have often used this blog, and others I have run,  as a knowledge repository.   For both things I want to point out to people, and for my personal (but still public) store of resources.  I have started, in 2015, to include placeholders in this blog that are not fully formed posts, but mostly links to other resources.   Some may be expanded on, some not.    These are marked by the #Placeholder tag.

I noticed this week in reviewing some threads on the Internet of Things, covered here for years, that a number of external links were longer working.   If I am informed of non-working links, I may try to correct them. But it is the nature of the Net that these things occur.

I was also asked about the relationship of this blog and Twitter.  These blog entries are selectively mentioned on Twitter, sometimes with additional comments.   The Tweets often include other links to related threads.  Follow me there as:  @FranzD

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