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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stanford DeepDive

Brought to my attention.  Another example of the automation of analytics.

" .... DeepDive is a new type of system that enables developers to analyze data on a deeper level than ever before. DeepDive is a trained system: it uses machine learning techniques to leverage on domain-specific knowledge and incorporates user feedback to improve the quality of its analysis. .... 

 DeepDive is targeted to help user extract relations between entities from data and make inference about facts involving the entities. DeepDive can process structured, unstructured, clean, or noisy data and outputs the results into a database.

Users should be familiar with SQL and Python in order to build applications on top of DeepDive or to integrate DeepDive with other tools. A developer who would like to modify and improve DeepDive must have some basic background knowledge listed in the documentation below. .... 

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