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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Graph Databases and Modeling the Internet of Things

Have had a number of conversations on the use of graphical databases lately.  It is a good technology to understand.    It works well with anything that is interconnected.  As are people and any communicating things.  Obviously:  Its exploratory data analysis and resulting discovery.   In SiliconAngle:

" .... As a result, the Internet of Things should perhaps instead be called the “Internet of Connected Things.” This emphasizes the network itself, and the many interaction points between individual devices, people, apps, and locations; and how they can and should (or should not) interact. Understanding and managing these connections will be at least as important for businesses as understanding and managing the devices themselves.

Imagination is key to unlocking the value of connected things. For example, in a telecommunications or aviation network, the questions, “What cell tower is experiencing problems?” and “Which plane will arrive late?” can be answered much more accurately by understanding how the individual components are connected and impact one another.

Understanding connections is also key to understanding dependencies and uncovering cascading impacts. Such insight allows businesses to identify opportunities for new services and products that make the most of the IoT. To identify these opportunities, businesses need tools that can show these connections quickly and easily. ... " 

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