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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Walmart Announces a New Generative AI Playground(?)

Quite interesting, looking for more references (Excerpt)  in Venturebeat.

Walmart, Meta and LinkedIn are three companies currently testing internal generative AI options for employees that are safe for the use of company data, either in the form of generative AI “playgrounds” that offer a variety of models to choose from, or in the case of Meta, its own in-house internal chatbot.

These examples stand in contrast to companies that have banned the use of public generative AI tools like ChatGPT, including Goldman Sachs, Amazon and Verizon.

Walmart announces a new generative AI playground

Last week, Walmart announced its new Generative AI Playground, a platform the company describes as an “early-stage internal GenAI tool where associates can explore and learn about this new technology, while keeping our company and its data safe.”

The news builds on an interview in April with Desiree Gosby, VP of emerging technology at Walmart Global Tech, who told VentureBeat that the retailer is building on OpenAI’s GPT-4, among other models, and that generative AI is “as big a shift as mobile.

The announcement, made last week in a LinkedIn post by Cheryl Ainoa, EVP of new businesses and emerging technology at Walmart Global Tech, says, “there will be various GenAI models available to try out all in one place…enabling our associates to see the difference in how each model reacts to the same prompts.”

The screen welcoming associates to Walmart’s Generative AI Playground says that employees “learn best from trial an error” and that the tool is a “safe way to try how GenAI can be used without risk of data leakage or exposure” and a place associates can use “more realistic prompts for their job function.”   .... ' 

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