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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Why the Big Uptake on Use of AI in the Enterprise?


Tribe AI’s CEO on Why Generative AI is seeing Rapid uptake by Enterprises than Web3 and Crypto

Carl Franzen@carlfranzen  in Venturebeat

June 16, 2023 10:40 AM


VB: We are at a really interesting point right now with new startups emerging and this ongoing wave of investment in AI. It seems really far more profound than the investment that we saw in Web3.0 and crypto and metaverse-type startups. There are even accusations of “AI washing” companies, just kind of trying to get this money that’s flying around without having much real AI integration or use cases...

Rice Nelson: It’s true, they are not even accusations! Even public companies are adding AI like how they were adding crypto before and it was increasing their stock price. There’s just a moment of frenzy, I think is what you’re describing.

I think what feels different to me, and I was very interested in this sort of crypto and Web3 space as well, still am. But what feels fundamentally different is the stages these sorts of industries are at, which is to say, Web3 is still quite nascent, crypto is very nascent. There aren’t real use cases, right? These are sort of things that are still evolving, really interesting ideas, but they’re still just ideas.

With AI, these technologies have actually existed for a really long time. Everyone’s now going nuts for generative AI, but the first transformer paper was written in 2017. Many of the engineers in the Tribe network have been doing generative AI since around 2017. And so this is not new.   ... ' 

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