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Friday, June 23, 2023

Learning some things from Bing

 I happened on this while exploring the Bing Chat GPT system from Microsoft.  I admit I have had some less than useful interactions with Microsoft.   But here I was pleasantly surprised.  ... 

I got the message from Bing without asking for it:  

'Learn the basics of neural networks and how they can be used to solve complex problems. Get started today' ....

 I was then led forward through 30 pages of relatively easy to understand instruction.    Nicely done.    Part of my background is in the use of neural nets in AI type application.  This looked like the first step of an 'assistant' style activity.  We wanted to add corporate to general knowledge to provide intelligent results.

Struck me that this approach could be further used to coach  users to assemble total or partial sets of data to solve problems or subproblems?    We considered such approaches in the enterprise.

Nicely done,  Microsoft.   The embedded teaching idea is good, look for more of it.         -    Franz Dill


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