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Friday, June 23, 2023

Amazon Sets up AWS Generative Innovation Center

Amazon steps in for generative AI

Amazon Invests $100M in AWS Generative AI Innovation Center

ERIC HAL SCHWARTZ in Voicebot.ai  on June 22, 2023 at 7:30 pm

Amazon Web Services is pouring $100 million into a new generative AI program aimed at bringing AI and machine learning tools to enterprise clients. The Generative AI Innovation Center is set to connect AI experts at AWS with customers interested in learning how to apply generative AI to their business models.


Amazon described the Generative AI Innovation Center as a hub for AWS customers to attend “no cost workshops, engagements, and training” on generative AI and work with people intimately involved with the technology to come up with customized services. In other words, AWS customers with non-technical businesses may be really excited about generative AI, but they don’t know what it can do and are unsure how to incorporate it.

AWS envisions the Innovation Center helping companies develop ideas built around Bedrock’s toolset. Amazon suggested a very broad scope of industries, from financial planners personalizing investment advice to manufacturers updating designs with AI help and medical researchers performing drug research with AI assistance. The Innovation Center’s initial partners include sales software developer Highspot, travel guide publisher and tourism organizer Lonely Planet, and customer service platform Twilio. Though the Innovation Center seems geared toward established businesses, Amazon also has an eye on younger startups via its generative AI accelerator. .... '

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