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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Google Adds AI driven Gmail Features

Nicely thought out new features for Gmail,  not huge things, but useful if you do lots of email. 

Google Adds AI driven Gmail Features

Jun 14, 2023, 6 min read

These features can make your email experience even faster and more organized.

By Carlos Fernández de Lara, Contributor, The Keyword

Gmail logo surrounded by lines, dashes, circles, squares, rectangles and diamonds — some drawn in gray, while other shapes are filled in with color.

At I/O this year, we announced ways we’re making AI more helpful for everyone. That includes rolling out our new “Help me write” feature in Gmail to users in Workspace Labs to make composing emails easier than ever. But that’s just the latest AI update on the Gmail front. All Gmail users already have access to a host of other AI-powered features — and have, in some cases, for years. “Gmail has a long history of using the power of AI to help users in all aspects of their email journey,” says Chao Wang, a software engineer on the Gmail intelligence team.

Here are six AI-powered features that make Gmail more helpful across a wide range of tasks, from managing incoming mail to helping craft replies.

1. “Help me write”  ...

2. Smart Compose

Smart Compose is great to use when you aren’t looking for help writing an email draft from scratch, but you’d still love some suggestions along the way.

3. Smart Reply

Imagine getting an email from a friend asking if you can make it to their party this Saturday — right before you jump into back-to-back meetings. Now, imagine you can send an answer to your friend in seconds without typing anything.   ... '  (and more) 

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