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Monday, June 26, 2023

Kinaxis Unveils New Supply Chain Innovations

Kinaxis Unveils New Supply Chain Innovations

Photo: iStock.com/Chainarong Prasertthai

June 20, 2023 SupplyChainBrain

Kinaxis unveiled several new product innovations spanning its end-to-end supply chain June 20, providing businesses with greater control, transparency and agility.

The first innovation was enterprise scheduling, the only scheduling tool currently on the market that allows companies to create and manage a global production scheduling strategy that accounts for factory layouts. Next was the company’s supply chain execution capabilities which include transportation management, order management and return management features. Also, Kinaxis introduced its sustainable supply chain solution, allowing organizations to embed emissions factors directly into Kinaxis RapidResponse scenarios. Lastly, Kinaxis launched Deamnd.AI, a tool that helps companies understand how internal and external factors influence demand levels.

“The days of the cascaded flow of information passed down between teams are long behind us,” said John Sicard, president and CEO of Kinaxis. “The innovations we announced June 20 make it easier for teams to collaborate and make decisions, as well as narrow the gap between planning and execution, to create both resiliency and efficiency at scale.”  ... ' 

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