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Friday, June 23, 2023

A Wearable Robotic Assistant That's All Over You

 A Wearable Robotic Assistant That's All Over You

IEEE Spectrum

Mat Sadowski, June 19, 2023

The Calico assistive robot developed by researchers at the University of Maryland can be worn on the user's clothes, where it runs along a track to perform various tasks. The 18-gram robot can localize itself and map a path with sensors that perceive magnetic neodymium markers embedded in the wearer's apparel. Calico can bear a 20-gram payload and travel between 15 millimeters (0.59 inches) and 227 millimeters (8.93 inches) per second, powered by a battery that holds more than eight hours' charge when idle and 30 minutes' charge when moving. The device can show users its progress on tasks by transforming their arm into a physical progress bar, moving further up the limb as they reach daily goals. .. ' 

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