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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Parallel Domain’s API lets Customers use Generative AI to build Synthetic Datasets

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Parallel Domain’s API lets customers use generative AI to build synthetic datasets

Rebecca Bellan@rebeccabellan / 11:00 AM EDT•June 19, 2023

Parallel Domain is putting the ability to generate synthetic datasets into the hands of its customers. The San Francisco-based startup has launched a new API called Data Lab that stands on the shoulders of generative AI giants, giving machine-learning engineers control over dynamic virtual worlds to simulate any scenario imaginable. 

“All you have to do is you go to GitHub, you install the API, and then you can start writing Python code that generates datasets,” Kevin McNamara, founder and CEO of Parallel Domain, told TechCrunch.

Data Lab allows engineers to generate objects that weren’t previously available in the startup’s asset library. The API uses 3D simulation to provide a foundation upon which an engineer, through a series of simple prompts, can layer the real world in all its randomness on top. Want to train your model to drive on a highway with a cab flipped over across two lanes? Easy. Think your robotaxi should know how to identify a human dressed in an inflatable dinosaur outfit? Done.

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The goal is to give autonomy, drone and robotics companies more control over and more efficiency in building large datasets so they can train their models quicker and at a deeper level.

“Iteration time now goes to essentially how fast can you, as an ML engineer, think of what you want and translate that into an API call, a set of code?” said McNamara. “There is a near infinite, unbounded level of stuff a customer could type in for a prompt, and the system just works.”

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