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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

IBM Quantum Computer Beats Supercomputer in Benchmark

More advances, depends of course on the type of problem, link to details below.

An IBM Quantum Computer Beat a Supercomputer in a Benchmark Test

By Shelly Fan, June 20, 2023 in Singularity Hub

Quantum computers may soon tackle problems that stump today’s powerful supercomputers—even when riddled with errors.

Computation and accuracy go hand in hand. But a new collaboration between IBM and UC Berkeley showed that perfection isn’t necessarily required for solving challenging problems, from understanding the behavior of magnetic materials to modeling how neural networks behave or how information spreads across social networks.

The teams pitted IBM’s 127-qubit Eagle chip against supercomputers at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Purdue University for increasingly complex tasks. With easier calculations, the Eagle matched the supercomputer’s results every time—suggesting that even with noise, the quantum computer could generate accurate responses. But where it shone was in its ability to tolerate scale, returning results that are—in theory—far more accurate than what’s possible today with state-of-the-art silicon computer chips.

At the heart is a post-processing technique that decreases noise. Similar to looking at a large painting, the method ignores each brush stroke. Rather, it focuses on small portions of the painting and captures the general “gist” of the artwork.   ... .' 

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