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Saturday, June 25, 2022

A Future for AR

 Like the proposed connection to optimization ...   visualizing the value always useful. 

Intensity Control of Projectors in Parallel—Doorway to an Augmented Reality Future

Tokyo Tech News, March 16, 2022

Scientists at Japan's Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) have developed a method for interacting with dynamic objects in augmented reality (AR), while reducing latency. Dynamic projection mapping combines cameras and projectors that respectively detect and project onto target surfaces, and the researchers' technique can calculate the intensity of each pixel on a target in parallel. This reduces the need for a single large optimization calculation, significantly boosting mapping speed and shortening latency. "The presented high-speed multi-projection is expected to be a major part of important base technologies that will advance spatial AR to derive more practical uses in our daily life," explained Tokyo Tech's Yoshihiro Watanabe. .... ' 

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