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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

An AI Can Invent in the US?

 Related to some of the work I did with the DOD on intellectual property definition and rights. How will this influence  use?   How will the invention be assigned?   Will follow up on the ruling.

U.S. court will soon rule if AI can legally be an ‘inventor’

Can artificial intelligence (AI) be legally listed as an inventor? After all, if AI can legally invent products, the number of patents on drug-discovery tools will shoot up fast. The issue is currently before a United States court.

The U.S. Court of Appeals heard arguments on that question again last week, and the ruling could affect the pace of AI technology development, particularly within the pharmaceutical and life science industrie

AI learns by doing

A ruling in favor of AI-as-inventor would impact healthcare companies that use the technology to create tools that find new treatments for existing drugs. This technique of re-using drugs, called repurposing or repositioning, is used to treat emerging and challenging diseases, including COVID-19.  ... ' 

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