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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Next Generation Weather Reporting/Prediction

 We now all have increasingly good phone based weather systems.  Adding better sensors.

Next-Generation Weather Reporting: Versatile, Flexible, Economical Sensors, By Osaka Metropolitan University (Japan)

May 20, 2022

The versatile, flexible sensor sheet measures the electrical resistance generated when raindrops hit its surface at different wind speeds, and provides sensor data, which is analyzed through reservoir computing.A team of scientists from Japan's Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU) and University of Tokyo have developed a multitasking weather sensor that measures rain volumes and wind speeds.

 The lightweight sensor sheet incorporates machine learning reservoir computing to analyze the output data, and can rapidly deliver localized weather data.

The sensor quantifies rain volume by measuring the electrical resistance produced by raindrop impacts, and derives wind speed measurements from water droplet behavior. The sensors detect resistance changes triggered by shifting rain and wind conditions, then record them as time-series data; the researchers fed this data to the machine, which yielded rain volume and wind speed data.

"The findings open up a promising economical approach to weather reporting, contributing to disaster preparedness and greater community safety," said OMU's Kuniharu Takei.

From Osaka Metropolitan University (Japan)

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