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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Lego-Like AI Chips

Note integration of sensor elements. 

Engineers Build LEGO-Like AI Chip    By MIT News,June 21, 2022

An international team led by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed an artificial intelligence chip that is stackable and reconfigurable, similar to LEGO bricks.

The chip features alternating layers of sensing and processing elements and uses light-emitting diodes instead of physical wires to enable communication between layers.  Said MIT's Jihoon Kang, "You can add as many computing layers and sensors as you want, such as for light, pressure, and even smell."

The new design pairs image sensors with the team's previously developed artificial synapse arrays, known as "memristors."

The chip was configured to perform basic image-recognition tasks and classified clear images correctly.

After swapping out the chip's processing layer with a better "denoising" processor, it was able to identify blurry images accurately. Said MIT's Min-Kyu Song, "We showed stackability, replaceability, and the ability to insert a new function into the chip."

From MIT News

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