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Monday, June 27, 2022

Unlocking Metaverse, with Games

 Thinking Games and more.Whats the best experience?

Unlocking the Metaverse: New Opportunities in Games Infrastructure  in Future.com

James Gwertzman

You install that new Parkour game that everyone’s talking about, and instantly your avatar gains a new set of skills. After a few minutes in the tutorial level, running up walls and vaulting over obstacles, you’re ready for a bigger challenge. You teleport yourself into one of your favorite games, Grand Theft Auto: Metaverse, following a course set up by another player, and you’re soon rolling across car hoods, and jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Wait a minute… what’s that glow coming from under that mailbox? A mega-evolved Charizard! You pull up a Poké Ball from your inventory, capture it, and continue on your way…

Infrastructure for the Metaverse

This gameplay scenario couldn’t happen today, but in my view, it will in our future. I believe the concepts of composability—recycling, reusing, and recombining basic building blocks—and interoperability—having components of one game work within another—are coming to games, and they will revolutionize how games are built and played.

Game developers will build faster because they won’t have to start from scratch each time. Able to try new things and take new risks, they’ll build more creatively. And there will be more of them, since the barrier to entry will be lower. The very nature of what it means to be a game will expand to include these new “meta experiences,” like the aforementioned example, that play out across and within other games.

Any discussion of “meta experiences,” of course, also invites discourse around another much-talked-about idea: the metaverse. Indeed, many see the metaverse as an elaborate game, but its potential is much higher. Ultimately, the metaverse represents the whole of how we humans interact and communicate with each other online in the future to come. And in my view, it’s game creators, building on top of game technologies and following game production processes, that will be the key to unlocking the potential of the metaverse.   .... ' 

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