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Monday, June 20, 2022

On Acquihires

Understandable, but the term is new to me.   Some reasonable thoughts.

The Complete Guide to Acquihires  in Future.com

Peter Blackwood, Tina Ferguson

In today’s ever-competitive environment to drive growth, identifying and hiring key talent through a structured transaction — known as an “acquihire” — has become an increasingly popular and effective way for companies to address hiring needs and accelerate product innovation and development. 

Often joining the acquiring company as a unit or existing team, employers also tend to benefit from these individuals having a relationship with their peers and a history of working together. However, hiring any new talent into your organization, let alone a group of individuals, will require thoughtful leveling and onboarding so as to ensure a successful integration. 

The challenge for most companies is figuring out whether an acquihire makes sense and, if so, how to successfully pull it off. Here’s some advice that we’ve compiled over the course of years assisting our portfolio companies in evaluating and executing on these strategic opportunities. We address several key facets to a successful acquihire transaction, including:

How to think about defining your priorities.

How to diligence the opportunity.

How to think about deal structure considerations.

How to properly integrate the newly hired individuals into your existing organization.   ... ' 

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