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Friday, June 17, 2022

Amazon Drone Delivers

Had heard of tests some time ago, will the air now soon be filled?


Amazon Will Deliver Packages via Drone for First Time in U.S. Later This Year  By GeekWire, June 16, 2022

On June 13, Amazon announced that it is seeking permission from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and local officials to begin drone deliveries in Lockeford, California, near Sacramento, later this year., Amazon, which unveiled its drone development program in 2013, said Prime Air-eligible items will be shown to Lockeford customers on its website.

The drones will fly to the customer's address, descend to the backyard, hover at a safe height, and release the package before rising again., Amazon's latest drone iteration will employ a sense-and-avoid system that can detect both moving and static obstacles.

The news comes amid expansion of drone delivery trials by UPS, in partnership with CVS; by Zipline and DroneUp, in partnership with Walmart; by Alphabet's Wing; and by SkyDrop (formerly known as Flirtey).

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