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Monday, June 27, 2022

Scrubbing Social Media

 Can see this happening. It also means that that hiring companies can enforce their belief in that is right.   Especially among those whose beliefs differ strongly.  Dangerous.

How Students Are Scrubbing Their Social Media Profiles   By Inside Higher Ed, June 23, 2022

Many current college students have had social media accounts since they were young teens, regularly posting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook without fear of repercussions.

But posts riddled with profanity or raucous party photos can come back to haunt them once they start looking for a job. According to a 2020 survey from the Harris Poll, a global market research and consulting firm, 71 percent of those who make hiring decisions in the U.S. agreed that looking at social media profiles is an effective way to screen job applicants. Among employers that use social media to vet candidates, 55 percent said they have found content that caused them to turn down an applicant.

Now a new company called Filtari is partnering with institutions to help students clean up their social media profiles before they start the job-search process. Filtari works by using artificial intelligence to scan and identify written posts and photos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that an employer might deem inappropriate or harmful.

From Inside Higher Ed

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