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Thursday, June 16, 2022

A Basic Robotic task, Rummaging?

Task of everyday life.

Robot Can Find Keys in a Bag by Listening as It Rummages

New Scientist, Jeremy Hsu, June 13, 2022

.Stanford University's Maximilian Du and colleagues have trained a microphone-outfitted robotic arm to locate objects like keys in a handbag by listening for telltale sounds while searching. "That environment is basically like you reach down, you don't know where the keys are, but then once you hear the sound of the keys you can kind of localize it," Du said. "And then by localizing, you can grab it out and lift it up." The researchers trained the robot by having a person demonstrate the action through an Oculus virtual reality headset and controllers, while further human guidance corrected its actions. Stanford's Olivia Lee said this enhanced performance 20%.  ... ' 

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