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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Interactive Big Data Journalism

Finding information and useful interaction with it.   Though unclear what a 'big data journalism' means here. 

Interactive Tools May Help People Become Big Data Journalists

By Penn State News, May 6, 2022

Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) researchers say people could use interactive tools to navigate, save, and tailor online content to extract meaning from big data.

The researchers found people more engaged with news websites that offered modality, message, and source interactivity tools than with sites that did not.

Penn State's S. Shyam Sundar said user experience is shaped by how these tools may be combined and how engaged users are in the topic; for example, the most engaging sites boasted a high concentration of modality tools and message interactivity.

"The types of interactivities we are talking about here can help users find information that they find personally meaningful and that they care about," Sundar said.

From Penn State News

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