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Monday, May 16, 2022

Predicting the Next Big Company in Tech

Loosely involved in such a move, what can best drive to succeed?  Here some thoughts

Predicting the next big company in tech  in Venturebeat

The past 40 years in tech have been more dynamic and innovative than any other 40 years in history. The pace of innovation has accelerated, and access to tech and capital has made for a highly active startup world. Every company is pitching the next great idea, but with thousands upon thousands of companies scrambling to make it big, how do you identify who will be the winners?  

I’ve spent the last four decades in tech, starting in sales and then later serving as a leader, investor, advisor, and board member at various software companies, VC firms, and cybersecurity startups. I can say with experience that picking the up-and-comer likely to make the biggest impact is a challenging undertaking. 

For a company is going to win and win big, there must be a real, unique business case.  

A few indicators can suggest that a company offers real value and might be on its way to massive success. Whether you seek to monitor the competition, join a new company, form a partnership, or identify the enterprise to emulate, the following tips can help you identify those companies that provide value.  

Look at the TAM  

Looking at the Total Addressable Market (TAM) allows you to objectively quantify a company’s potential for growth. If the market is saturated with an incalculable number of competitors, then a company entering that market is at a disadvantage. On the other hand, if a startup is entering a market with a compelling product to solve a challenge that no others — or very few others — are solving, there is a higher chance of market leadership. It’s common sense and a basic rule of economics: Early market leaders have an incredible advantage. The size of the TAM is also crucial, but make sure you consider both the current size and the potential size.   .... ' 

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