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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Digital Twins of Diseases

Struck me as an interesting angle of the modeling technique. 

Digital Twins Aid Giving Individual Patients the Right Treatment at the Right Time

Linkoping University (Sweden)

Karin Söderlund Leifler, May 6, 2022

An international team of researchers has modeled digital twins of diseases, in order to improve diagnosis and treatment, and individualize medication regimens so each patient would receive the right drug at the right time. The researchers assembled digital twins of patients with hay fever, using single-cell RNA sequencing to ascertain all gene activity in thousands of individual white blood cells. They measured gene activity at different times before and after stimulating the cells with pollen, and built the twins through network analysis. The team identified the hay fever digital twin's preeminent protein, and demonstrated that inhibiting it was more effective than using a known antihistamine against another protein. ... ' 

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