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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Are Shoppable Ads Finally Ready for Prime Time?

 Or has prime time completely changed its shopping dimensions?

Are Shoppable Ads Finally Ready for Prime Time?                by Tom Ryan in RetailWire 

At International Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) NewFronts showcase for digital marketers, Condé Nast, AMC Networks, Roku, YouTube, NBCUniversal and Amazon’s Twitch platform were among those pitching the promise of shoppable ads.

“How cool would it be if you could buy dresses right off the red carpet?” wondered Pam Drucker Mann, Condé Nast’s global chief revenue officer and president, during the publisher’s NewFront presentation in early May, according to Advertising Age.

Shoppable television ads — called t-commerce (television commerce), back in the day — were first hyped in the nineties when network executives promoted the idea of couch potatoes clicking a “buy” button on their remote control to purchase the sweater worn by Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston. Since then, experiments with apps, QR codes, website links, chatbots and screen placement to drive TV-watching impulse buys have taken place to little progress.  ... ' 

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