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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Future of Life

 Brought to my attention, research at the FLI,   the Future of Life Institute


In 2015, FLI launched the first peer-reviewed grants program aimed at ensuring artificial intelligence (AI) remains safe, ethical and beneficial. In the first round, FLI awarded $6.5M to 37 researchers. You can read more about these researchers, their projects, and their outputs below.

In early 2018, FLI launched a second grantmaking round, this time with a focus on ensuring that artificial general intelligence (AGI) remains safe and beneficial. $2M was awarded to 10 researchers, whose work you can read more about below.

FLI is grateful to the Berkeley Existential Risk Institute, Open Philanthropy Project, and Elon Musk for their donations, which made the grants program possible.  .... ' 

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