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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Pentagon Making Cybersecurity Progress

Worked at the Pentagon, but long before this level of analysis was being done, but like to see advances being completed.   It is now essential now that cyber security is fundamentally well done.  Here a brief overview.  

Pentagon making progress on cybersecurity amid challenges, watchdog says    By Colin Demarest

The U.S. Government Accountability Office published on May 19 a review of the Department of Defense's cyber efforts to secure controlled unclassified information, sensitive data either created or possessed by the government. (File/Provided) .... 

WASHINGTON — The Department of Defense is making significant progress locking down sensitive networks amid cyber challenges from foreign adversaries bent on gaining access to intel, a report from a federal watchdog shows.

The department as of January recorded compliance at 70% or higher  in implementing four select protections for controlled unclassified information, which may include data tied to critical technologies or the development and operation of weapons and defense infrastructure, according to the Government Accountability Office.  .... ' 

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