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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Combatting Brand Exposures with Trusted Intelligence

 Trusted Brand Intelligence

Combatting Brand Exposures with Trusted Intelligence


The only way to stay one step ahead of the adversary is by knowing their intent, toolset, infrastructure, target – and using this intelligence to inform action. As discussed in the recent webinar Dark Web Exposures Brought to Light, mitigating digital risk to your brand is not simply a matter of stumbling across a typosquatting domain or some isolated piece of stolen data. Both automation and human expertise are essential to proactively collecting mass amounts of data, sifting through thousands of data points, analyzing relationships among the data points, deciding on priorities, and ultimately taking action. 

This is especially true when trying to understand your brand exposure on the dark web. The dark web is where criminals sell leaked company data, ransomware actors buy direct access to corporate networks, threat actors coordinate attacks, and more. As such, it is a mine of valuable intelligence, but sources, such as forums, can be volatile and hard to track — not to mention noisy. They also frequently present technical and financial barriers to entry, making it difficult, inefficient, time consuming, and risky for an organization’s security team to access the relevant information and context.

To ensure security teams have access to relevant, real-time context on their brand exposure, Recorded Future pairs automation capabilities with our expert research team, Insikt Group, within the Intelligence Graph in order to discover, analyze, and map associations across billions of entities in real time. Our expert analyst team confirms the accuracy of the machine-generated links, trains the machine on new or important data points, and adds their own human-generated links based on advanced research and robust collections of special-access and dark web sources, based on years of experience, perception, and awareness that no machine could provide. 

With Brand Intelligence from Recorded Future, security teams can then make fast, informed decisions based on the most current intelligence related to threat actors, internet infrastructure, and attack targets. By collecting and scanning from the broadest range and variety of sources — not only from open web sources, but also from the dark web and technical sources — security teams have access to insights from the attacker to their victims, and can be more proactive, strategic, and effective in carrying out their security strategy to uncover and respond to brand exposures. 

Unmatched Brand Intelligence

The latest updates to the Brand Intelligence module are designed to help security teams focus their precious time on the most important and urgent brand-related threats:

Continuous monitor the dark web and beyond

By automatically collecting, aggregating, and analyzing data from an unrivaled range of sources spanning the open, closed, deep, and dark web, security teams are able to proactively detect and take down malicious sites faster and more efficiently. The Brand Intelligence module includes extensive visibility into domain registration data, malware logs, messaging platforms, social media profiles, and web pages with malicious content, saving analysts time in understanding and responding to brand-related threats. ... ' 

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