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Thursday, May 26, 2022

D-Wave. Real Value with Quantum Computing

Just mentioned here. Much more at the link ....

Launch Your Quantum Journey Today:  D-Wave

Our customers are building quantum applications for problems as diverse as logistics, portfolio optimization, drug discovery, materials sciences, scheduling, fault detection, traffic congestion, and supply chain management. What problem can we help you solve?  

Get Started

Business Advantage Delivered Today

Our singular focus is to help customers achieve real value by using quantum computing for practical business applications.   

You may be surprised to learn that our enterprise customers have already built more than 250 early quantum applications across many industries.  

The powerful combination of the Advantage™ quantum system and the Leap™ hybrid solver services enable the first in-production quantum applications demonstrating business benefit.  

Unlock Your New Competitive Edge

Quantum computing has the potential to radically impact life sciences and healthcare. The most forward-thinking organizations have already gotten started. Industry associations like the Pistoia Alliance and QuPharm are working to advance this transformation.

Ready to Launch Your Quantum Project?

D-Wave Launch is designed to help enterprises go from problem discovery to production implementation and accelerate the quantum journey. Engage our in-house professional services teams and technical domain experts to help kick off your first quantum project, train your teams on quantum, and realize real business value faster.  ... ' 

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