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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Audio Logging a Space

 Can we think of other spaces that might be logged this way?

Automatic Audio Loggers Map the Sound of Norway

Imperial College London (U.K.)

Hayley Dunning, May 3, 2022

Audio recorders created by researchers at Imperial College London (ICL) in the U.K. have reliably identified birds in Norwegian forests by their songs. The Bugg system's audio recorders capture and upload sound to a cloud service through mobile subscriber identity module cards; artificial intelligence analyzes the recordings to sift out individual bird songs and identify species, while also analyzing the overall soundscape. The researchers deployed 41 Bugg audio loggers across Norway, which were able to identify 22 bird species with 100% accuracy, and 10 more with over 70% accuracy. Said ICL's Sarab Sethi, "With continued data gathering, we can start to answer larger questions—such as how climate change is affecting these ecosystems."  .... '

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