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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Smart Office Buildings Are Vulnerable to Hacks

Makes sense considering the context,   

Smart Office Buildings Are Vulnerable to Hacks

The Wall Street Journal, Konrad Putzier, May 3, 2022

Smart office buildings in the U.S. raise concerns about privacy and cybersecurity. Cybersecurity consultants warn that building managers devote little attention to digital security, and the interconnection of smart building systems means accessing a single Internet-connected door can potentially enable hijacking, extortion, or data theft. Lucian Niemeyer at smart-building safety nonprofit Building Cyber Security worries that more criminals will target smart buildings as protections for mobile phones and databases are strengthened. Said Dave Tyson of cybersecurity company Apollo Information Systems Corp., “The bad guys only need to find one way in, and whatever you’ve connected to is now on the table.”  ...

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