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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Pulsing Networks in Simulations

Long time ago I needed to set up a simulation that included a pulsing network to support a solar astro model.    Found this interesting solution today.  Just for my own reference and possible the needs of others.  I like Wolframs broad application examples.

Building a Pulse-Forming Network with the Wolfram Language  In Wolfram Blog

May 6, 2022, Robert Mendelsohn, Product Manager, Strategic Initiatives

This has multiple applications in many physics- and electrical engineering–related systems, including radar, kicker magnets for accelerators and really any time a pulsed uniform voltage or current is needed. In my case, I needed this capability for a metal vapor vacuum arc plasma source that I’m using to study the properties of metallic plasmas in strong magnetic fields.

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through some pulse-forming network theory along with how I used the Wolfram Language to quickly and easily design a cost-effective pulse-forming network by using circuit theory, the interactive Manipulate function and data from an electronics vendor to explore practical design options. This will also show off the Quantity function in the Wolfram Language, which has proven helpful and easy to use.n.... '  (detailed model) 

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