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Friday, May 20, 2022

Anti-aging Drugs are Being Tested as a Way to Treat Covid

Covid advances from alternative  treatmens.

Anti-aging Drugs are Being tested as a way to treat covid

Drugs that rejuvenate our immune systems and make us biologically younger could help protect us from the disease’s worst effects.

By Jessica Hamzelou, May 17, 2022

Covid-19 is far more likely to kill you if you’re old. One reason is that aged immune systems struggle to cope with infections and recover from them. So why not try drugs that make bodies young again? That’s the bold idea now being explored in clinical trials around the world, which are testing drugs that reverse the impacts of age on the body, rejuvenate the immune system and clear out aged, worn-out cells. 

Some scientists avoid using the term “anti-aging” because of its snake oil connotations—but these drugs specifically target the biology of aging. It makes intuitive sense to use them to help older bodies fight back against any infection. These drugs could potentially help anyone with a worn-out immune system—whether as a result of age, childhood disease, or chronic illness.  ... ' 

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