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Monday, May 23, 2022

Use of Digital Twins in City Planning

Had not seen this approach used in city planning before

Barcelona Bets on 'Digital Twin' as Future of City Planning

Politico Europe, Aitor Hernandez-Morales, May 18, 2022

Officials in Barcelona, Spain, are using the Barcelona Supercomputing Center's MareNostrum supercomputer to improve urban planning through the use of a digital twin of the city. Planners can use the digital replica to trial-run potential urban planning projects. "Instead of implementing flawed policies and then have to go back and correct them, we're saving time by making sure those decisions are right before we execute them," said Barcelona Deputy Mayor Laia Bonet. The city is using the program to explore ways to implement the 15-minute city framework, which proposes that residents have access to all needed services within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from home.

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