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Friday, July 02, 2021

Matterport for Creating 3D Virtual Tours

Had mentioned I was looking at simplified Lidar Solutions.  Here just mentioner to me:  Matterport. Below shows some of the technology supported.  Examining this further.

3D virtual tours can take your business to a new dimension

Whether you want to give buyers the feeling of being in a new home, help guests start picturing their stay, or showcase the wonders of your venue to event planners and patrons - Matterport 3D virtual tours can help you do more business, faster.

Engage your customers like never before

People are shown to be 300% more engaged with a Matterport 3D virtual tour than they are with 2D imagery. 3D virtual tours can help you create better experiences, happier customers, and more revenue. What's more, you can start today for free with no previous photography experience by opening a free account and using your iPhone (or iPad) to capture your first space.  Get a FREE demo now and see it for yourself!   .... 

As well as creating incredible, accurate 3D virtual tours of buildings and spaces, Matterport's software is packed with great features to help you create amazing additional assets and share your tours with the world.

Share easily on social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Publish to Google Street View, VRBO, and Realtor.com

Create detailed floor plans that give your customers the bird's eye view

Automatically generate guided tours to walk your customers through the highlights

Create 4k print-quality photos [with the Pro2 Camera]

Measure your space

Add Mattertags™  .... 

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