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Friday, July 02, 2021

Inhalio: Digital Scent as a Service

Recently received an update of this.  Previously had examined for retail scent oriented applications as part of our innovation spaces.  Impressive new directions, like use in automobiles.   Note use for things like mood mapping.   Contact Keith for more information. 

Inhalio Overview

Inhalio is a global leader in cloud-based digital scent technology and digital scent as a service. The Inhalio Digital Scent 3.0 Platform is transformative to personal wellness and well-being by diffusing scents that sanitize airborne viruses, eliminate malodors, and create mood-mapped experiences. We focus on the science of scent using a data-centric process of precise scent infusion, molecular dry-air diffusion, and detailed customer insights. Inhalio recently acquired Exhalia, a recognized leader in scent infusion systems.


Inhalio pioneered the concept of a Wellness Ride™ – a breakthrough for mobility companies looking to give their customers healthier, and new emotive in-vehicle experiences. The Inhalio digital scent platform and our wellness scent services are transforming the rideshare, mass transit, and OEM marketplace.

— Keith Kelsen, CEO Inhalio

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