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Saturday, July 03, 2021

AI Taking Over Gadgets

Now lets make them as secure as possible.    And the AI does not have to be created on the edge, it can  be encrypted and fed to devices.    We will see both.  

How AI Is Taking Over Our Gadgets   By The Wall Street Journal. July 1, 2021

 Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over "edge" devices, including smartphones, automobiles, drones, home appliances, industrial sensors and actuators, and other devices with a microchip and some memory.

An example of this is Apple's Siri assistant, which soon will begin processing voice on iPhones using a "neural engine," rather than sending an audio recording to the cloud for processing. While AI in the cloud can be trained on the fly and improved over time, edge AI systems are pre-trained and updated periodically.

Purdue University's Elisa Bertino said one edge device could collect data and then pair with a more powerful device that can integrate data from a variety of sensors, like how a smartwatch with a heart-rate monitor transmits the data to the user's smartphone for additional data analysis.

Gartner's Eric Goodness said edge AI systems could become powerful enough to gather data and use it to train their own algorithms.  ... '

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