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Friday, June 29, 2018

Understanding Scenes Using Neural Nets

A powerful kind of visual intelligence, with many applications wen integrated with cameras and video.   Ultimately this kind of 'common sense', here visual sense, style reasoning can make conversational and assistant systems appear more intelligent.

Google researchers created an amazing scene-rendering AI

A neural network from Google's DeepMind has impressive spatial reasoning skills.
 By Timothy B. Lee in Arstechnica

New research from Google's UK-based DeepMind subsidiary demonstrates that deep neural networks have a remarkable capacity to understand a scene, represent it in a compact format, and then "imagine" what the same scene would look like from a perspective the network hasn't seen before.

Human beings are good at this. If shown a picture of a table with only the front three legs visible, most people know intuitively that the table probably has a fourth leg on the opposite side and that the wall behind the table is probably the same color as the parts they can see. With practice, we can learn to sketch the scene from another angle, taking into account perspective, shadow, and other visual effects. ... " 

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