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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Precision Medicine Insight

Been a member of this Linkedin group for some time.   This announces that my blog will start to cover items in this space more often.    With particular emphasis on efficient therapeutic delivery aspects, and adding machine learning capabilities.  Comments welcome.   Other groups recommended?

Precision Medicine Insight   https://www.linkedin.com/groups/5180384

About this Group: 

Precision Medicine is an approach to discover and develop medicines, vaccines or routes of intervention (behavior, nutrition, etc.) that enable disease prevention and deliver superior therapeutic outcomes for patients, by integrating clinical, molecular (multi-omics including epigenetics), environmental and behavioral (Big Data) information to understand the biological basis of disease. 
This effort leads to better selection of disease targets and identification of patient populations that demonstrate improved clinical outcomes to novel preventive and therapeutic approaches.

In order to achieve this goal novel standards to harvest raw data (SOPs), processes, as well as architectures/analytics including new artificial intelligence, IoT and ICT technologies are instrumental to enable implementation and delivery of Precision Medicine 24/7 anywhere anytime in the world. 

Data in general will become the crude oil and currency of the future, while safety, security, ownership, privacy and so on constitute ethical challenges that need to be discussed alongside technical solutions to foster novel business and improve health care  ... " 

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