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Saturday, June 16, 2018

RFID Tags as Sensors

MIT Engineers Configure RFID Tags to Work as Sensors 
MIT News

By Jennifer Chu

Researchers in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Auto-ID Lab have developed an ultra-high-frequency (UHF) radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag-sensor configuration that senses spikes in glucose and wirelessly transmits that information. Experiments on ways to turn passive RFID tags into sensors that can operate over long stretches of time without the need for batteries or replacement typically focus on manipulating a tag’s antenna, so its electrical properties change in response to specific stimuli in the environment. The MIT group previously designed an RFID tag-antenna that responds to moisture content in the soil, and another that senses signs of anemia in blood flowing across an RFID tag. Said MIT’s Sai Nithin Reddy Kantareddy, “People are looking toward more applications like sensing to get more value out of the existing RFID infrastructure.” .... ' 

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