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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

China increases Biometric Public Transport Scanning

If does seem that while we fret about the possible misuses of tracking data from such passive biometric scanning, other countries are  seeing the efficiency value.  Note the cautious CYA phrase below 'Perhaps too high tech'.

China speeds up its subway with palm scanners and facial recognition in DigitalTrends

While New York attempts to update its public transportation system to run on time and use mobile tickets, commuters over in Beijing are looking at a range of high tech upgrades. In fact, perhaps too high tech. As per a China Daily report, the Chinese capital of Beijing is now considering the introduction of “bio-recognition technology” to its subway station. This technology would include palm scanners and facial recognition scanners, and would purportedly help increase efficiency and decrease gridlock in key stations during rush hour.  ... " 

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