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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Microsoft Trying Cashierless

Another company trying the space,  Will it be a common thing very soon?  I recall seeing an example at Microsoft's retail innovation space,  but did not know they were emphasizing that space any more.

Microsoft reportedly has its own cashierless store technology
Reuters reports Walmart is in talks to try the apparent Amazon Go competitor.

By Richard Lawler, @Rjcc in Engadget

While Amazon continues to test out its cashier and checkout-less Go stores, Reuters reports that Microsoft is working on similar technology. Besides a number of partners who are working on products in the vein of Amazon Go -- which allows shoppers to simply take items off the shelf, put them in their cart and leave with a bill automatically tabulated based on computer vision watching what they buy -- it has an internal team that has tried out using cameras attached to shopping carts and mobile apps. The report calls out a small team within the company's Business AI group dedicated to retail tech, and said CEO Satya Nadella recommended a device that could live on-site to manage cameras without transferring data to the cloud. ... " 

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